GuardianRom aims to bring secure and private communications to the masses.


As a small business owner you know just how hard it is to stay on top of current threats. With new malware and viruses being written everyday its a full time job just trying to stay protect. Did you know that 60% of small businesses go bankrupt after being hacked?


Everyone has a private life. It's time to keep it that way. Cyber Criminals and Governments are watching over people more then ever before. Monitoring Text Messages, Calls, E-Mails, and private internet browsing. Let's end mass-surveillance now!



Big businesses need big solutions and GuardianRom aims to be that solution. From a hardened Kernel to secure Apps we protect your sensitive data and Intellectual Property from prying eyes. With our IT Policies and MDM solution we put YOU in control of you companies data.

What is GuardianRom?


    GuardianRom started out as a secure version of Android. Based on top of the Android Open Source Project we created a new, more secure operating system. Since we started working on this project in 2012 we have hit many milestones that we set out and are now looking to advance the project into it's next stage.



   GuardianRom is designed from the ground up to protect your data from theft. To achieve our high-level of security we use a multi-level approach. Starting with the Kernel and working upwards from there to keep Cyber Criminals and Governments out of your private communications.

Some of the features included are:

  • Full-Disk Encryption (Military Grade AES-256Bit-XTS)
  • Custom hardened kernel to prevent and mitigate exploits.
  • IT Policy Management Tools for enterprise users. (MDM Solution)
  • Duress Password (AKA HiddenOS): Enter one password for daily use and another in case you are forced to hand over your phone.
  • File-Level Encryption: All incoming messages & personal files (Text, E-Mail, Call Logs, Contacts, etc) are encrypted with your lockscreen password. Preventing an attacker from stealing your most important files even if your phone is on. More Info
  • LockDown Mode: This mode forces all data to be encrypted before it is sent out. Only Encrypted Calls & SMS work here. No worry about data leaks.
  • Tor Access: When you need to go anonymous Tor is at your disposal. Our custom Tor app forces the apps you choose through it. All cookies and other data are removed after each session automatically.
  • Dead-Mans-Switch/SOS: This option allows you to set a time or button. If you don't respond in that amount of time OR you press the SOS button the phone will auto-matically alert your trusted contacts with your GPS location, live video/audio stream and optionally wipe your sensitive data.
  • Geo-Fencing: Disable WiFi/BT, force your phone to turn off or even use a VPN all based on location.

These are just some of the many features we are working on. More to come soon!



Who are we?

GuardianRom was started in 2012 by Kyle Davidson as a secure version of the Android Operating System. Since then the project has expanded at an incredibly fast rate. GuardianRom is now much more then just a new OS on the block, it now includes a massive suite of tools, security features, a unique hardened kernel.

The GuardianRom project aims to create a secure, private, and versatile smartphone OS to keep your private information private. In the wake of the Snowden Revelations we announced our software. GuardianRom was released as a beta and downloaded more then 5,000 times!


Fast forward to this year: We have been working very hard to bring the final version of GuardianRom to the masses. However we believe we can only do this with custom hardware. To get a truly secure phone we must start at the bottom and work upwards.

That is where you come in.